Frequently Asked Questions

What locations do you deliver to?

We can deliver to anywhere in Australia. From an envelope, box or Semi-trailor , we have got you covered.

Can we arrange our own freight collection?

Most definitely! We can apply your labels and pass on to your preferred courier. We always recommend you book your own courier so you have greater control, especially if the job is urgent.

How long does freight takes?

Standard freight on east coast of Australia to capital cities is usually 1-2 days from display subject to time of the year. Express VIP services are available at a premium.

what are your payment options?

We accept Credit Card, EFT and Direct Deposit. Payments can also be made over the phone.

What are the trading items?

Full terms and conditions are available upon request or you can view on this website.

What is the minimum order charge?

Our minimum charge is $50 + GST on all orders.